2024 Swim Lessons

Thank you for trusting us to teach your child lifesaving skills! Once your child has learned basic swim skills, it’s important to maintain those newly learned skills, as well as, develop new ones.

The Bayouland YMCA has a variety of lessons to accommodate your child’s ever changing needs. We offer Group, Private, Buddy, and Diverse Ability swim lessons.

Group Swim Lessons The YMCA Group Swim Lesson program includes Parent/Child and individuals 3-12 years olds. We teach children to be safer in and around the water. We create a safe learning environment where confidence, trust and positive relationships are built. Swimming lessons at the Y positively contributes to a child’s physical and mental well-being, which transfers outside the pool area as well.

Private & Buddy Swim Lessons Private & Semi-Private “Buddy” Swim Lessons provide participants with individual instruction from one of our certified instructors. Lessons can give focused and specific instruction at an individual's own pace. Instructors encourage participants to practice skills learned through our program to help improve swimming ability and safety in the water. Participants must be 3+ years old.

Differing Abilities Swim Lessons These are one on one swim lessons for youth with diverse abilities. The program is aimed at helping children 3+ years of age with both physical and mental disabilities, gain confidence in the water as well as learn valuable water safety skills.

Free Swim Assessments As your child grows and changes; they may not remember what they previously learned months ago. If you aren’t sure what swim skills your child remembers, or what is the best next step for them is for swim lessons, contact the Aquatics Department to schedule a free assessment.

Financial Assistance We believe everyone deserves an opportunity to learn. The Bayouland YMCA offers financial assistance to those who might otherwise not be able to afford program fees. Stop by Member Services today to talk to a staff member about our payment options.

Gift Certificates Your gift will provide a skill that could save a life, and last a lifetime. Gift Certificates are available at our Member Services Desk.