Little Floaters

Did you know drowning is the number one cause of accidental death in children ages 1-4? The Bayouland YMCA's Little Floaters Survival Swim Program is working to change this statistic.

Our one-to-one swim lessons teach children ages 1-4 survival skills, such as how to float on their backs, and to roll on to their backs so they can breathe for a period of time, until help arrives. These precious seconds can save a life!

These lessons maximize the short attention span of toddlers while gradually increasing the child's comfort level in the water through personalized one-to-one instruction by a certified instructor.

Little Floaters Swim Lesson registration and payments may be taken care of at the Member Services Desk.


  • This class does not drown-proof a child, but it does teach basic skills that will give a family precious seconds in case a water incident should occur.
  • This class should never substitute for a parent’s supervision of their child in the water.
  • Learning to float is a life saving skill that your child is developing.
  • Anytime you have a question, don't hesitate to ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

1May parents watch the float lessons?
Absolutely! Parents are welcome to watch on the TV in the pool office, and as they progress, you may move on to the pool deck to watch. If your child is distracted by you, we kindly ask to move to an area where they cannot see you.
2Should my child eat before a swim lesson?
Please do not feed your child or give them milk or juice one to three hours before their swim lesson. Children often swallow lots of air and water which may cause a child to throw up... This is normal.
3What should I bring to the lesson?
Students should wear a comfortable swimming suit, and are required to wear an appropriate swim diaper regardless of whether or not the child is potty-trained. Swim shirts are optional.
4How long will it take for my child to learn how to float?
Every child learns at a different rate. This is why our program is a skills-learned program not a "pass/fail" program. Your child's personal progress will be taken into account each class. At the end of each session your instructor may recommend continued training.
5What if my child doesn't like lessons?
Floating, like many activities, may generate anxiety in some children. This is usually the case during the first several lessons. As the child progresses, they will be more comfortable in the water. This is why we encourage scheduling at least two lessons per week.
6What is your float lesson make-up policy?
Please make every attempt to attend scheduled lessons. We understand that children get ill, etc. We provide make-up lessons; however, missed lessons without prior notice may not be available. Please contact your Float instructor to coordinate scheduling.

Little Floaters Loyalty Program

Save as your Float experience continues

You and your child’s goals and expectations are very important to us. Every child learns at their own pace. It may take several sessions of the Little Floaters Swim Lessons to become more proficient with the recovery float and breath control. Your child's progress will help determine if any continued training sessions are needed to achieve their survival safety skills.

Your instructor will assist you with evaluating and recommending further training.

As a benefit for being a part of this important program, and to assist your child’s journey to safety around water, Float participants will receive special reduced pricing.

Little Floaters

  • After your child has taken one Little Floaters session, you will receive 50% off of the cost of the next session, and 25% off of any additional sessions after that.

Swim, Float, Swim

  • Swim, Float, Swim is part of our continuing education in preparing these children with the necessary skills needed to being safe around water and becoming strong swimmers.

Bayouland YMCA's Private & Buddy Lessons

  • Private and Buddy lessons are available at a 25% discount for all Float participants.

Bayouland YMCA Memberships

  • Join the Bayouland YMCA, and Float participants will have their registration fee waived (up to a $55 value).